Congratulate on the Day of Healthcare Specialist

The KMU “KSPH” staff cordially congratulates partners, all students, and colleagues on the Day of Healthcare Specialist!

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9th-10th of June 2016 in Almaty will be held a conference for ambulance service specialists, air ambulance and simulation centers

The conference will be attended by the leaders of ambulance services and simulation trainings of Kazakhstan and leading experts from Austria, Italy, Lithuania, Russia, Japan, and Turkey. Kazakhstan Medical University "KSPH" published a special issue of "Central Asian scientific and practical journal on public health, dedicated to the conference materials".

| June 9, 2016 | more »
Start of the preparatory stage for entering the city of Almaty into the European network of WHO «Healthy Cities»

The project "Healthy Cities" supports and encourages the city to strengthen its efforts to unite the key stakeholders to work together on the issues of health and citizens’ well-being. Special attention is paid to the role of local government in matters of health and well-being of the citizens.

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Kazakhstan Medical University «KSPH» is a member of the Working Group on the implementation of the pilot project «Formation of public health services of Almaty»

State Program on Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Densaulyk" for the years 2016-2019 for the first time the development of public health as a key priority was allocated, as the bases of population health protection, aimed at the integration of all government and public institutions to ensure the quality of life and well-being.

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A memorandum on mutual cooperation between the City Health Office in Almaty and the Kazakh Medical University «KSPH» Signed

Healthcare Management of Almaty city and the Kazakh Medical University "KSPH" identified the main areas of cooperation: "... The consolidation of efforts towards the effective implementation of the State Program for Health Development in the Republic of Kazakhstan Densaulyk " over the years 2016-2019 and Development Program of " Almaty-2020 ". Formation and development of public health service based on the integration of all levels of health care aimed at the preservation and strengthening of public health, improving the efficiency of medical services.

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The Department of «Nutrition» is organized in Kazakhstan’s Medical University «KSPH»

The Department of "Nutrition" is organized in Kazakhstan Medical University "KSPH". 

Staff of the department:
1. Professor of the Department: Prof. Sharmanov Toregeldy Sharmanovich
2. The Head: Ph.D. Chuyenbekova Ardak Baybarakovna
3. Associate Professor of the Department: Ph.D. Kaynarbaeva Maigul Seydullaevna

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