The department was established in 1997 with the purpose of training and retraining specialists in public health, advanced training of healthcare bodies and institution heads in management, marketing, economics and pharmacy in accordance with healthcare reforms.

The department offers special classes on healthcare for public health masters and PhD students. These disciplines are devoted to the issues of management, economics, quality management and legal support for the work of medical organizations.

Instructors of the department have many years of experience in research and academic advisory in the field of healthcare management and economics in cooperation with the World Health Organization, the World Bank, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan as well as regional and city health departments of the republic.

Kasymova Gulnara Pazylbekovna – doctor of medical sciences, professor

Kulzhanov Maksut Karimovich – doctor of medical sciences, professor. Visiting professor at the Commonwealth of Virginia USA.


тел.: 87051058051

Khabieva Tamara Khamitovna – Candidate of Medical Sciences, specialty 14.00.33, associate professor of the department.


+7(727) 3378018, вн: 134

Zholdasbekova Aizhan Saparbekovna – senior lecturer of the department


+7(727) 3378018, вн: 163

Saktapov Akylbek Kengesovich – Instructor, master of medical sciences


+7(727) 3378018, вн:150

Amanzholova Ulzhan Shorayevna – Instructor, master of public health, Head Instructor


+7(727) 3378018, вн:155

Orzhanova Saltanat Masatzhankyzy – Lab Assistant

Aigerim Blyalova – Lab Assistant

The main activities of the department:

Training of Future Specialists in Healthcare Management and Economics involves:

  • acquiring theoretical knowledge in healthcare management history, theory and modern practice, during general classes;
  • mastering the management tactics of healthcare organizations and the skills of applying specific economic instruments in the management of the industry by future managers and employees of the healthcare system at seminars and workshops;
  • developing practical skills at various levels of healthcare management in the process of participating in business games and work experience exchange training sessions.

The Department provides training of specialists with a higher scientific and pedagogical Master’s and Doctoral diplomas for the academic degree: Master of “Public” Health – 6M110200, “Medicine” – 6M110100, PhD of “Public Health” on specialty disciplines/majors – 6D110200 .

Content of educational programmes of the department includes the following disciplines for Healthcare managers, Master’s and PhD students:

– Management and Marketing in Health Care

– Organizational behavior

– Macro and microeconomics

– Basics of Accounting and Auditing

– Public health management and organization

– Healthcare Economics

– Financial management in public health services

– Human Resource Management

– Quality management of medical services

– Organization of hospital care

– Legislation in health care

– Business planning in medical organizations and public procurement in health care

– Management of modern healthcare

– Management in the healthcare system

– Management in nursing

– Modern approaches to management of nursing service

– Organization of nursing care at the PHC level

– HR – Management

– Organization of expert activities in healthcare (independent expertise)